When designing this hangboard we decided that the board should be small enough to be stuffed in a backpack without leaving anything other important away. This is a crucial feature if you consider using it; you don't want to carry anything bulky for a distance, do you? Another spec we thought needed attention were challenging grips for all levels of climbers and Ninja Warrior enthusiasts. We made three depths: 10 mm, 15 mm and 20 mm and of course exterior edges are conformably rounded for regular pull ups. Thirdly, the Luomus Hangboard can be hanged almost anywhere with included high-quality climbing rope. By altering the location of the rope you can modify the challenge level. Along the way we held on the Luomus principle: beauty built in. Resulting a hangboard delivering a spark of scandinavian design into your interior.

As Finns we love to use baltic birch due to it's durability, toughness and simple elegancy. The colors are made with locally produced innovative and enviroment friendly thoroughly dyed baltic birch, which gives elegant look to the hangboard. In this creation we use high quality baltic birch plywood due to expected rough handling.