How to use Luomus Portable hangboards

Luomus wooden hangboards are designed to support your hand strength training. Hand strength is essential for climbers but also for anyone who just wants a firm grip on life. It doesn’t matter whether your sport is bouldering, rope climbing, speed climbing, free climbing or even Ninja Warrior, it is essential to warm up your fingers before you rampage on your exercise. Luomus portable hangboards are compact and multifunctional tools giving you a challenge you need. Anywhere - with style.

Pass the rope

Start by passing supplied rope through the holes. You can choose which way you pass the rope. When rope is coming out from the front side of the board it stabilizes board in positive angle. Other way round it makes the board hang in negative angle making holds harder to hang. If you loop the rope, the board will hang more vertically.

Setup the height

Setup the board on such height that you are able to reach the board with feet on the ground You don’t want to jump to reach the board.

Tie the rope

Tie the rope over durable structure (branch of a tree, secure notch on a rock, a sturdy hook on wall or ceiling, under staircase etc.) with the reef knot.

Always ensure that structure where the board is hanging is strong enough to carry your weight.


Get the grip!

  Use board to strengthen your fingers, warm up before hard climb and reduce risk of finger injuries.


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